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We provide a platform incorporating a branded game into a marketing strategy, loyalty program, subscription service and the use of adding gaming elements to a website, mobile app, and social media campaigns.

Games Plug-In to Website or App

Our games can easily embed in web pages without the need for any plugins or downloads so you can let your users play the game directly from your web browsers. For mobile apps, game integration can be done in a similar way to websites, with a mobile environment. It can be bundled with the app and distributed through app stores.

Games Plug-In to Website or App
Brand Games Customization

Brand Games Customization

Using games as cross promotion marketing platform, how does it work? By customization of in-game characters. You can personalize and modify based on your brand to enhance your user immersion, making them feel connected to your product or services. The level of customization can vary significantly from one game to another, same mechanism with different assets and from basic to complex.

Contest & Loyalty Program Games

Are you trying to increase brand awareness, reward loyal customers, or attract new customers? Create a simple games contest today, enjoyable, and engaging. Encourage social sharing and user-generated content to extend the reach of your contest beyond your immediate audience. Offer attractive prizes to motivate participation. The rewards could be in-game items, merchandise, gift cards, or anything that appeals to your audience.

Contest & Loyalty Program Games
White Label Games Portal

White Label Games Portal

Customization Gaming Portal with more than 300+ games available to pick as bundle licenses with numerous genres such as action, adventure, casual, education and many more. We strip ads and in-purchases and let the user play without distraction. Recommended for businesses that looking for subscription services with a variety option payment method.

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